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Zeleny is a human-like alien with dark-green subtile body. They can be found on planets, beamed to player's mothership with Tractor Beam, or sneak into Harvester and disembark in Hangar.

They got low amount of HP and using Acid Rifles, which causing damage over time after hit.

Their DNA can be researched in Clone Lab to produce modified humans.

Drop[edit | edit source]

Zeleny can drop various useful items, such as: biomass, battery, X Ray Caster Fragment. Mutated Zorc will highly likely drop very useful Alien Healing fragment.

After death Zeleny may drop following items:

  • Biomass
  • Acid Rifle weapon sample
  • Zeleny DNA sample

DNA Caracteristics[edit | edit source]

This creature's DNA improves resistances and lowers intelligence.Consumes NH³.

Tiers Health Immunity Resistance Intelligence Biomass Per Clone
I 125 ? Middle Very Low 5
II 175 ? High Low 5
III 225 Acid Full Low 5