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Weapons are researched on the workshop terminal and preferred ones can be put in the weapons rack. One is available in the workshop, another one in the Harvester, an additional rack on the bridge, and a last one in the respawn chamber.

A weapon is selected as the standard defense weapon for the crew depending on the starting corporation.

Some weapons don't have tiers, and therefore don't have upgrades. This also means no weapon samples need to be harvested from dead aliens for them.

Name Description DPS Ammunition Damage Dropped by Damage Per Shot
Tier I Tier II Tier III
Laser Pistol A solid handgun with recharging, unlimited ammo. 30 40 50 Unlimited Fire Inferno 15 20 25
Pistol Standard ballistic pistol with a standard rate of fire. 50 Bullets Ballistic - 10
Assault Rifle A solid assault rifle, accurate and reactive. 107 Bullets Ballistic - 16
Minigun Another classic, good for bigger, tougher enemies. 200 Bullets Ballistic - 10
Laser Rifle Shoots explosive blaster projectiles. 60 75 100 Energy Cells Fire Holo 12 15 20
Energy Rifle Fires explosive energy projectiles. 94 125 156 Energy Cells Fire Mechanics 30 40 50
X Ray Caster Fires radiated fragments in high frequency. 160 200 240 Energy Cells Radiation Zorc 8 10 12
Shotgun This weapon is balanced for close combat and mid-distance encounters. Spread diameter is 1/2 of other shotguns. 180 Shells Ballistic - 12*3
Outlaw Shotgun Very powerful classic shotgun. Beware of the recoil though. Fires in two round burst. 300 Shells Ballistic - 12*3
Power Shotgun This weapon was designed for close combat against tough enemies. 280 320 360 Shells Ballistic Framen 14*3 16*3 18*3
Acid Rifle This rifle fires devastating acid projectiles. Also adds DoT. 66 91 116 Heavy Caliber Acid Zeleny 25+


MachineGun A good choice for bigger but slower enemies. 166 Heavy Caliber Ballistic - 25
Heavy Pistol A semi-automatic handgun. The weapon is chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any self-loading pistol on planet Earth. 200 Heavy Caliber Ballistic - 50
Rifle Sa1 A semi-automatic rifle. 320 Heavy Caliber Ballistic - 40
MiniFlak This gun provides high damage. Use its recoil to your advantage. Fires in three round burst. 225 450 600 Heavy Caliber Ballistic Liquid 75 150 200
Acid Thrower This rifle fires devastating acid splashes. Also adds DoT. 65 Grenades Acid - 15?+15*6
Iron Thrower Launch a high energy hollow iron ball which will explode on impact with an organic surface. 250 Grenades Ballistic - 150
Flamethrower A classic from Earth, good for larger groups of smaller enemies. Also adds DoT. 75 Gas Fire - 18+3*7