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Plants provide a specific biosphere when planted in a greenhouse, allowing to add more crew members consuming this biosphere if the necessary quarters is constructed. Take note that plants can spread to empty plots within the greenhouse , this applies to all plant types and tiers.

[edit | edit source]

Dioxygen (oxygen) is a corrosive substance and highly flammable.

Tiers Plant Biosphere added
I Fern 2
II Palm 3
III Pine 4

NH³[edit | edit source]

Nitrogen trihydride (hydrogen nitride) is commonly known as ammonia.

Tiers Plant Biosphere added
I Zerx Leaf 2
II Zerx Krom 3
III Zerx Tree 4

KOH[edit | edit source]

Potassium hydroxide (potassium hydrate) is commonly known as caustic potash.

Tiers Plant Biosphere added
I Gloobra 2
II Gloodron 3
III Gloodantum 4

N²O[edit | edit source]

Dinitrogen monoxide (nitrous oxide) is commonly known as laughing gas.

Tiers Plant Biosphere added
I Fungus 2
II Funganti 3
III Fungoon 4

HCl[edit | edit source]

Hydrogen chloride is a corrosive substance.

Tiers Plant Biosphere added
I Yarri 2
II Yarrow 3
III Yarrefok 4