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An away mission to recover an artefact.

Planets are randomly generated worlds you can explore to gather resources, fight aliens, and uncover traces of lost civilizations.

Dying horribly alone and abandoned is just the cherry on top.

Visiting planets[edit | edit source]

Required Conditions[edit | edit source]

To visit any planet following conditions should be met:

Preparation[edit | edit source]

While in Hangar, you can assign up to 4 Clones as the crew of the Shuttle. Then you need to select the planet you want to visit and press "Launch Shuttle" button. After 10 cesonds countdown all assigned crewmembers will aboard the shuttle ant it departs.

You can also select checkbox of preffered resource so shuttle crew may concentrate their attention on it.

You, as a Captain, may join the party. In that case after shuttle departure you will se a loading screen of the planet level.

Expedition without the Captain will collect resources, starting with preffered one and return after short time. Remember that clones without captain will not explore the sites on the planet.

Down on the planet[edit | edit source]

Area Overview[edit | edit source]

A planetary area generated randomly and limited by forcefield cupola projected by shuttle. Clones and Captain can move and explore this area freely. However, stepping out of it will trigger enviromental warning and timer. When it counts zero, captain will start to receive damage.

Resource nodes are placed not far from shuttle inside the cupola. There may be some sites (aka. points of interest) inside the walkable area, but they are placed closer to the rim of the cupola. They can be marked on radar if Captain will find related suit upgrade.

Sites[edit | edit source]

Some planets may contain from 1 to 3 points of interest also known as Sites. On map/scanner planets with sites marked with little container icon. There are several types of sites:

  • Scannable. Captain need to stand beside the site certain amount of time to unlock it. When scan is complete, an interactable hologram will appear over the site. This type of sites sometimes surrounded with pickable ammo boxes.
  • Wreckage. An old module, probably belonged to previous expedition or pirates. Contains an upgrade booster for Mothership modules. Sometimes also contains pickable ammo boxes.
  • Wormhole. Great pyramid with one entrance that activates wormhole entrance in space. Could be activated if Captain will enter it's central chamber and stand there for a certain amount of time.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Planetary area most likely will contain some resource nodes with basic resourced that could be processed through Refinery or Plants. If Captain bring clones in the shuttle, they will automatically collect the resources. However, Captain may help them by using mining tool. Clones will collect resources until shuttle will hold 5 (10 if upgraded) container of any resource. Captain is also capable of collecting Biomass, but this resource will be directly to Biotank.

Controlling clones[edit | edit source]

While on the planet Captain may give orders to clones. At the moment there's only two options: mine and retreat. To do so, Captain need to press action key (default: [C]), and then press [1] to order retreat and [2] to make clones collect resources.

While retreating, clones will hide inside the shuttle, which will increase their chanses of surwival, because they will be shooting at aliens all at the same time and also will be covered with shuttles tail turret. This is very useful when Cpatain is away from shuttle and cannot protect clones itself.

Dangers[edit | edit source]

Hostiles[edit | edit source]

When Captiain is on the planet some hostile enemies groups will spawn from time to time. Danger depends on planet difficulty. They will approach shuttle attacking everyone on site. When clones will see any alien, they will stop collecting resources, draw their weapon and start shooting at them. Clones will likely receive damage, so leaving them unattended may result tragic consequences.

Non-humanoid lifeforms like Kraul or Arachnoid will spawn "from the ground", while humanoid lifeforms like Zorc will spawn using loud and bright beams, giving away their location.

If expedition has been departed without captain, they will not engage in combat, won't lose their health and won't die. However, they may bring some "guests" on mothership. See Returning from Expedition.

Death on the planet[edit | edit source]

If Captain dies on the planet, closest Clone will become new captain. If every clone dies during expedition, clone on Mothership will become a new Captain, and the shuttle will automatically return to hangar.

Returning from expedition[edit | edit source]

Manually[edit | edit source]

When Captain is on the planet, shuttle will not return to mothership until it's ordered to. To do so, Captain need to interact with green panel on the right from entrance. Launching shuttle will trigger 10 seconds countdown, that cannot be aborted. During this countdown all clones will gather inside the shuttle, and Captain will not be able to leave it.

Expedition without the Captain will return after short time after shuttle launch, bringing back as much resources as shuttle can fit or as much as left on planet.

Alien invasion[edit | edit source]

Sometimes aliens may crawl into the service compartments of the shuttle and reveal themselves in hanger after shuttle landing. It will trigger the alarm, and all nearby clones will attack enemies on site. Captain should pay attention during this event, because some aliens may crawl into service tunnels during the overall chaos.

Some alien spores may also spawn infestations after shuttle landing.

Pure ore (left) and ore with green alien spores (right)

Note: Placing shields and ata least one turret from the both sides of the shuttle will greatly increase the chanses that all aliens will be eliminated before they spread on Mothership. However, turrets will ignore alien infestations.

Unloading cargo[edit | edit source]

After shuttle return with cargo, cargo robots will collect it and store into Deposit whether it is raw mineral or plant.

Raw mineral boxes may be contaminated with alien spores that will produce an alien after some time.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • you have to manually visit sites and collect the loot
  • loot sites have 2 variants either its a area scan (stay in the area until you reach 100% and pick up your loot), or a wrecked building (find a green module boost grab the module boost you are done)