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There are two types of defense: active and passive.

Turret[edit | edit source]


Automatically aims and fires at hostile targets. No chance of friendly fire. After firing all ammo it will self destruct.

  • Higher tiers appear to do the same damage per bullet, but fire more bullets per burst.
  • Researching higher tiers also upgrades the shuttle turret.

Needs 3 sulfur to construct.

Samples can be dropped by Dekkah.

Tier DPS Ammo
I 100 600
II 150 600
III 200 600

Energy Barrier[edit | edit source]


Creates an energy field when placed that blocks enemies and their projectiles.

  • Can be used to block corridors, crawlspaces, the shuttle ramp, etc.
  • Turrets and friendlies can fire through them.

Needs 3 lithium to construct.

Samples can be dropped by Holo-Insects.

Tier Durability
I 600
II 900
III 1200